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I’m not even going to look back at the last post I wrote on here. I’m not even going to count the days or weeks since I last looked through this blog, and it’s sad, because I once used to be very committed into writing daily. I can’t quite say what has pushed me into wanting to start writing again, right now, but I somehow decided to pay a visit to this blog and honestly, I very much miss writing. Particularly, just prattling my way through the post talking about my days, my personal interest or anything that I felt had some relation to my life but had no complete relevance to others. And just literally filling in about myself and my life to those who had ever came across my blog or any individual within the Internet society has landed him/herself to my blog.

But I miss it, I honestly miss just doing this; writing. It somehow in a way helped me a lot in my writing skills as well, academically. And since I stopped, my writing has been rotting quite badly. So what I really need to do right now.. is write occasionally. No, I’m not saying I’m back on the ‘daily post’ bandwagon, I might be but just not now. Not when my life is about to become very hectic. But, I will come back, definitely.

See ya!


Franz Grünewald ph.

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Kristina Bazan street style.

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